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Tamarac Septic Tank Pumping

Our team at Eco Pump Services understands the importance of maintaining your septic system. One of the basic requirements for septic system maintenance is routine tank pumping. We have professional equipment to empty your septic tank and perform a cleaning service. If you need septic tank pumping and cleaning in Tamarac, FL, you can trust us for quality, reliable service.

Eco Pump Services has been serving business and homeowners in Broward County for over 25 years. We have experienced technicians that specialize in waste disposal services, including septic tank pumping. Our large pump trucks have quality equipment and tools to perform thorough pumping and cleaning of any size septic tank. You can rely on our crews to meet all local and state regulations and submit the needed documentation to the required agencies. We are licensed and insured to perform this specialized service for your home or business in Tamarac.

Importance of Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic tanks are storage containers that perform a necessary function in the septic system. All waste from the home or business travels to the septic tank first. Solids sink to the bottom and begin decomposing, while water and liquids stay on the top. Liquid overflows through the outlet plumbing to the drain field or mound system – if the tank becomes too full of solids, waste material can escape into the drain field or back up into the building’s plumbing. Routine pumping prevents these issues and keeps the septic system working properly.

Most residential septic tanks will need pumping and cleaning every few years and commercial tanks may need pumping at least once a year. If it is time to perform septic tank pumping for your septic system in Tamarac, contact Eco Pump Services for a free price estimate or to schedule your service.

Our Client Reviews

Eco Pump Services

4.9 / 5.0

Based on 52 reviews

Gonzalo Rubino

Im a customer with 2 locations for almost 2 years, professional service and on time ALWAYS. Very recommended. Good price too

Jamie Erickson

We've been working with ECO pump services for the last 5 years. Amazing customer service!! Very reliable and on-time.


Billy is very responsive, fair and a pleasure to work with...we use Billy for our grease trap service.

A. Barrera

Great work. Always sends pictures of the tasks they completed, including before and after photos. Also they have accommodated my business with last minute requests. Excellent team.

Ismarck Foster

I have a Buisnes in wynwood area and the best service for the grease trap is making for this guys

Elizabeth Cruz-Evans

We use this company in several of our restaurants and they do a magnificent job! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs there grease traps cleaned and maintained.

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