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Tips for Preventing Storm Drain Clogs and Runoff Pembroke Pines, FL

Tips for Preventing Storm Drain Clogs and Runoff

Storm Drain

In Florida, heavy rains can happen in an instant. Storm drains are essential for whisking away the downpouring rain to keep streets and parking lots clear of standing water. While businesses and municipalities are responsible for maintaining drains on streets and parking lots, everyone can help prevent storm drain clogs and damaging runoff. Here are… Continue Reading

Have You Checked Your Storm Drain in Miami/Dade County?

Storm Drain Cleaning

Heavy rainfall and stormy weather are common sights in Miami-Dade County. As recently as November 2021, the area was rocked by violent storm fronts. As a result, areas in downtown Miami were forced to deal with knee-high flooding, leading businesses to close. The aftermath of flooding generates significant repair and cleaning costs, which no homeowner… Continue Reading

The Devastating Impact of Grease on Sewer and Waterway Systems

septic pump truck

When grease is in a liquid state, it is easy to imagine that it is safe to dispose of in drains. However, this is not the case as oils and fats are responsible for blockages in pipes. There is also a risk of contamination to natural waters when grease is not disposed of properly. The… Continue Reading

Do Not Ignore a Septic Tank Emergency

Eco Pumping Services truck

You may get your septic tank pumped regularly, but that doesn’t mean that disaster cannot strike. Any system that uses component parts can fail due to damage or misuse. If you suspect that your septic tank, the inlet or outlet pipes are clogged, it is important to call in the experts. A septic tank is… Continue Reading

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning: Pros and Cons for Homeowners

Eco Pumping Services truck

Homeowners facing repeated clogs with drain pipes backing up into their homes may be searching for more permanent solutions to their problem. Drain cleaning is often recommended, and hydro jetting is just one available option. But is it suitable for your home? What is Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning? Hydro jetting is an effective way to… Continue Reading

Storm Drain Pumping in South Florida

Eco Pumping Services truck

Storm drain pumping is one of those chores you can’t avoid. If you don’t keep on top of things, you WILL pay the price, and it is not pleasant. With flooding lawns and parking lots, sagging concrete or yards and even foul odors, you will have even bigger problems to deal with. Let’s take a… Continue Reading

Grease Trap Compliance, Storm Drain Maintenance and More

Eco Pumping Services truck

If you run a restaurant, motel, grocery store or any other business that must comply with grease trap waste disposal, scheduling can become tricky. Most businesses are committed to expanding, which means increasing the use of facilities that produce waste. When growing your brand comes with unexpected challenges, look to specialist services for solutions. Eco… Continue Reading

Grease Trap Cleaning Is the Law

Chef working in a modern restaurant kitchen

Are your grease trap cleaning practices in compliance with federal, state and local regulations? If they are not, you risk significant fines for non-compliance. This is on top of the negative public relations a sewer backup can cause. It could damage your reputation from lack of running water, flood or food contamination. Cleaning the trap… Continue Reading

3 Reasons Grease Trap Cleaning Services are Essential for Commercial Kitchens

restaurant kitchen

Commercial kitchens require hard work and dedication to keep clean and well-maintained. Grease traps in these kitchens are vital for keeping wastewater systems clean. Over time, grease can collect and solidify in these traps, which can cause serious problems for your business. Here are three reasons that grease trap cleaning services are essential for commercial… Continue Reading

Eco Pump Services – Why Get a Professional Hydro Jet Service

Eco Pumping Services truck

When heavy grease and hair bind together in the drainpipes, it can form a solid clog that is challenging to get rid of — even with heavy chemicals that could harm our environmental systems. A professional hydro jet service like Eco Pump can clear the clog with hydro jetting. What Is Hydro-Jetting? Hydro-jetting can break… Continue Reading

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Gonzalo Rubino

Im a customer with 2 locations for almost 2 years, professional service and on time ALWAYS. Very recommended. Good price too

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We've been working with ECO pump services for the last 5 years. Amazing customer service!! Very reliable and on-time.


Billy is very responsive, fair and a pleasure to work with...we use Billy for our grease trap service.

A. Barrera

Great work. Always sends pictures of the tasks they completed, including before and after photos. Also they have accommodated my business with last minute requests. Excellent team.

Ismarck Foster

I have a Buisnes in wynwood area and the best service for the grease trap is making for this guys

Elizabeth Cruz-Evans

We use this company in several of our restaurants and they do a magnificent job! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs there grease traps cleaned and maintained.

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